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LINPEX 2014 will be held Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 22–23, 2014. The Lincoln Stamp Club traces its roots to 1964, so this year’s event will mark the Club’s fiftieth anniversary. Elements of the show will celebrate this milestone. Watch for more details as the event draws closer.


LINPEX 2014 will feature a seventy-frame philatelic exhibition reviewed by a panel of three judges, two of whom are accredited, while one is in training. The basic entry fee is $15 per exhibit. The fee for each frame is $8, with a waiver for junior exhibitors. The prospectus and entry forms are available by download:

If you have questions, please contact David Frye, Exhibits Coordinator.


The panel of judges for the show includes three members:


This panel will judge the exhibits. Their decisions will be final. Judging will grant awards on five (5) levels: Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Silver–Bronze, and Bronze. Each exhibitor will receive a certificate of participation. Other awards will include those provided by AAPE (American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors), USSS (United States Stamp Society), and other awards with qualifications the mix of exhibits may match.

The list of awards is available as a download. It will be posted on this page soon.

The show’s grand exhibit will receive this 1930s-era post office scale.

Lincoln Stamp Club, LINPEX 2014 Grand Award, U.S. Post Office Scale, circa 1930s.

LINPEX 2014 Grand Award

Show attendees may vote for their favorite exhibit. The winner will receive this flag etched in glass.

Lincoln Stamp Club, LINPEX 2014 Most Popular Exhibit Award, U.S. Flag etched in glass.

LINPEX 2014 Most Popular Exhibit Award


The bourse at LINPEX will feature seven dealers, offering philatelic material to match a wide variety of collecting interests.

Show Cover

Lincoln Stamp Club, LINPEX 2014 Show Cover, Mockup with Cachet and Cancel.

LINPEX 2014 Show Cover Mockup

LINPEX 2014 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Club and of the Wilderness Act, a federal law that assures the preservation of wilderness land across the country, providing places “… where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled ….” Covers with letterpress-printed cachets and the special show cancel on Folk Art Eagle stamped envelopes will be available at the show.

Collectors’ Organizations

Because stamp collectors have such varied ways to approach their hobbies, scores of organizations have arisen to bring together collectors who share particular interests. LINPEX will feature information tables highlighting several organizations:

Covers from several past shows are available to view and order.


Country Inn and Suites
5353 N. 27th St.
Lincoln, NE 68521


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