Fall Stamp Show

A hand holds a magnifying glass as a stamp collector examines a selection of postage stamps destined for an album.

You’re Invited to a Stamp Show

Fall Stamp Show
Saturday, October 8, 2016
10:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.
7140 Stephanie Lane
Lincoln, Nebraska.


The Lincoln Stamp Club welcomes the public to a free postage stamp show. It will feature tens of thousands of postage stamps—both U.S. and worldwide—on sale at bargain prices. All stamps are a penny for children and youth and only a nickel for adults.


Throughout the day, members of the Club will be on hand to answer stamp collecting questions and to demonstrate for show visitors how to use the tools of the stamp-collecting hobby, including tongs, catalogs, mounts, albums, perforation gauges, watermarking trays, UV lights for phosphorescent tagging identification, and color guides. Also, they will show how to soak older stamps to remove them from the corners of paper envelopes and how to pick out the stamps that will not soak off cleanly and can be saved on paper instead.

Special Attractions

During the show, the Club will offer a special rate for membership. By joining at the show, new members will receive a fifteen-month membership for the regular annual rate of $12. Membership includes a subscription to The Souvenir Sheet, the Club’s award-winning newsletter. Some samples of other stamp-collecting publications will be available. Also, members will have some samples of their collections on hand to show the many ways to organize and present postage stamps.


Parking and admission are free. The offices of HBE Becker Meyer Love, the show’s host, are barrier-free. Access to the show is simple. Enter by turning right onto Stephanie Lane from eastbound Pine Lake Road one block west of 56th Street or by turning onto Red Rock Lane from South 56th Street one block south of Pine Lake Road. Signs will point to the accessible entrance.

Stamp Collecting Month

October is National Stamp Collecting Month. This annual celebration of postage stamp collecting—philately—traces its roots back to efforts in 1981 by the United States Postal Service and the Council of Philatelic Organizations to promote stamp collecting. As summer gives way to October’s cooler days and longer nights, there is no better time to get lost in the immense world of postage stamps and to travel, through them, to distant lands and different times in American and world history.


If you have questions, please contact the Club.

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About the Lincoln Stamp Club

Stamp collecting has a long and rich history. Once just a children’s hobby, it has grown to become a pastime enriching the lives of children, adults who casually accumulate interesting stamps and envelopes and avid philatelists who study the history, production and use of all things relating to the worldwide delivery of messages and parcels.

The Lincoln Stamp Club is a group of forty-five or so individuals of all ages and interests who find the Club, with its meetings, conversations, and the other benefits of membership, an aid to enriching their hobby and their passion for philately.

So … welcome to the Lincoln Stamp Club. Check out the News about our meetings and events, see if the Resources inform your collecting, consider Membership or Contact us with a question. We’re glad that you share this passion for philately!